A selection of human trafficking news articles.

Tech and Human Trafficking
As technology gets more sophisticated, fighting human trafficking is more complicated. But new technologies, particularly in big data, are helping to rescue more and more victims.

White House Hangout: Combating Human Trafficking

Consistent Tracking
The latest report pushes for officials to create a consistent way to track trafficking, even suggesting a mandatory reporting law similar to the requirement that suspected child abuse be reported to authorities. “Without concrete numbers of children/youth and adult victims … it is practically impossible to determine the level of services that will be required,” researchers wrote.

Reno officials working to stop sex trafficking
"They can be local kids or children who are brought into Nevada from other states for the purpose of selling their bodies," said Higginbotham. "These children are either coerced or, in many instances, forced through violence or threats, to engage in this conduct." Tiffany Short, an FBI victim-witness specialist in Reno who works as a counselor for these women, said things can begin to change for the better as the community learns the depth of this problem. "People are acknowledging that youth and adults are being sexually exploited in our city, on our streets, in our hotels, and our community is standing up to say this is not OK, and we need to meet the needs of the exploited and prevent this from happening," she said.

Officials crack N.J. human sex trafficking ring
In Lakewood brothels, women forced to serve up to 40 clients a day, authorities said. Human trafficking operations "are certainly prevalent" in New Jersey and other states and are being targeted by law enforcement, Hoffman said. He said residents with suspicions should contact authorities. "If you find that there is a house in which there is a constant influx of new people coming in and out… especially in residential neighborhoods, those are fairly odd occurrences, and worthy of note and worthy of the attention of law enforcement,'' he said.

14-year-old girl sets off sex trafficking investigation in Oregon, Washington
The arrests, which included a Vancouver man Thursday, were sparked when the girl called Vancouver police about the activities, according to federal court documents.

Complaints lead to prostitution sting
Porch said police will continue to investigate complaints of prostitution in the area, and welcome calls from the community. “Once we receive a complaint, we’re able to target an area,” Porch said. “METRICH will have zero tolerance for prostitution activity in the community.”

Accused of forcing 14-year-old girls into sex slavery
uthorities say she forced children, including two 14-year-old girls, into prostitution. "It's just wrong all the way around and they're exploiting these kids," said Dave Couvertier, spokesman for FBI in Tampa. "Just imagine if these were your daughters, if they were your sisters, your nieces, if you put that into perspective, it really brings the impact home of what these children go through."

Reasons for female sex traffickers are complex
I’m always surprised to hear about women who are perpetrators in sex rings. Turns out I shouldn’t be. “Sex trafficking is an equal-opportunity crime,” said University of Minnesota Law School Prof. Mark Kappelhoff. Before coming to the U, he spent 15 years as a federal prosecutor.

Fla. Probes ‘Branding’ of Sex Trafficking Victims
A human trafficking ring in Florida is branding the bodies of women and girls who are used for prostitution. "In the year 2013 we are tattooing, branding children and people are using them as consumable merchandise and they simply throw them away," Sheriff Grady Judd said.

At Least 100,000 Children Being Used in U.S. Sex Trade
Human trafficking is a $9.8 billion domestic industry, with at least 100,000 children being used as prostitutes in America each year, according to the report from Shared Hope International, an organization working to eradicate sex trading.

Survivor shares story about being trafficked as a child
She tells us she was sold into human trafficking at just four-years-old and was part of it until she was about 12-years-old. "I thought I was an object, I used to think of it as throw-away, just like a Styrofoam cup, they'd use us and throw us away," she said.